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Learn Letter M | English Alphabet | Kids Academy

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Learn Letter M | English Alphabet | Kids Academy

1. First, you show them the letter written somewhere.

2. Then you show them how it is written.
• Draw the first line
• Then draw the first diagonal.
• Again, you move up diagonally
• And lastly the straight line

3. Help the kid to write it
The kid will not start writing on his own. First, you will have to help the kid to understand the process of writing. You can use tracing books in which alphabets are written in dots and the kid can trace on these dots to learn the alphabet. In the beginning, you will have to hold the kids’ hand and write along with him. Let the kid take some time. As he writes more and more he will gradually start learning and after some time he will start writing on his own without dots.

Use chalk or a pencil or any colorful crayon or marker to make learning easy the alphabet easier and more interesting to the kid. The more the kid enjoys the learning process, the better/she will learn.

4. Then you need to teach the kid the sound of M.
Learning the sound of the alphabet is very important to understand it completely. It is very important for the kid to know how every alphabet sounds like and how he should be pronouncing it. Only then he will be able to distinguish between all the alphabets and understand their sounds in learning words, a lesson that will come later in their books.

Now, ‘M’ has the sound ‘meh’ as in ‘moon’.
So what examples can you give? Let me help you out.

1. For the sound ‘meh’

• moo
• monkey
• map
• mirror
• mouse

Using some pictures with the words will helps the kid to relate and learn better. This is important for the kid to have real objects associated with words so that the words do not remain just hypothetical for them.

So, this was just a small lesson for leaning the letter M for kids. It will help your kid to learn the alphabet.

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