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Learn Letter M | English Alphabet | Kids Academy | Pre-kindergarten

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This phonics lesson from Kids Academy will teach your child all about the letter M. The letter M and its sound makes up many basic words. By adding this phoneme students can begin spelling words like MOM, BAM, and HUM. This video will cover both the capital and lowercase Ms as well as use the M as an example to start many words.
M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and is usually taught early on because it is used in so many simple words. The m sound is also a simple sound for students to make. In order to make the m sound the lips are closed, the tongue rests at the base of the mouth and the teeth are separated. The vocal cords are then vibrated just like a hum. This type of sound is known as bilabial nasal. It uses both lips (bilabial) and the sound itself resonates in the nasal cavities. The m sound transitions well into vowels as in the word MOP and MOAT.
The m sound and the n sound are both formed very similarly in the mouth. They also make similar sounds. It is for this reason that these letters are often taught separately to give students a chance to understand one without confusing it with the other.
Because the m sound is so distinctive students should be able to quickly learn it. They will also be able sound out words with Ms with ease.

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