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Learn Letter H | English Alphabet | Kids Academy | Pre-kindergarten

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This phonics lesson from Kids Academy will teach your child all about the letter H. The letter H and its sound makes up many basic words. By adding this phoneme students can begin spelling words like HAT, HOT, and HUM. This video will cover both the capital and lowercase H’s as well as use H as an example in many words.
H is the eighth letter in the English alphabet and the letter name is pronounced aitch. The H can make up many sounds and be combined to make a number of digraphs. The first H sound students will learn is the huh sound made by opening the mouth and expelling air from the throat. The path of the air is uninterrupted and therefore sounds like an exhale. The H can be combined with all the vowels to make a plethora of new words for young children. As their understanding increases the H will be combined with other letters to make digraphs. For example, combining the C and H can make the /ch/ sound in words like chair and chin. T and H make the /th/ sound in words like thin and cloth. It also combines with S to make /sh/ sounds from words like wash and show.
H can be a tricky letter for young readers especially when it is mixed in with letters like P, G and W. When combined with these letters the H can make completely new sounds and even be completely silent. It is best to hold off on these words until readers are confident in their basic H and digraph H sounds.
This video will use the letter H to explore the homes of many different types of people and animals.

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