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Learn Green Color for Toddlers, Preschoolers & Kindergartners | Kids Academy

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Green Color for Toddlers, Preschoolers & Kindergartners | Kids Academy
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Kids Academy once again delivers a delightful and educational video that will instruct toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten students on the color green.

When children learn colors, they build their vocabulary and this allows for better expression and communication through their oral language. There are other important reasons to learn colors for kids, such as building a foundation for children to be able to sort and classify with color as an attribute.

The video begins with their familiar elephant character drawing clouds and sun on a barren background. The elephant then draws a tree but it is without any color. Elephant then looks around and a dapper little leprechaun appears on the scene. He waves his green magic wand and the grass is now green. Children viewing the video are asked, “What color is the grass?”

The color word GREEN is shown and the voiceover answers the question.
But the clever leprechaun is not done! In this video, viewers will learn colors for kids by watching what the leprechaun does next. Children and students will learn the color green when the leprechaun waves his wand and then green leaves appear on the tree. A green frog appears and the children are asked what color the frog and then the children are asked the color of the leprechaun’s hat.

Each time the leprechaun works his magic, the children are asked what color the object is and the color word Green appears with the voice-over saying, “GREEN!” At the end of the video, the elephant and leprechaun walk together, turning the landscape green.

The color green concept is reviewed at the conclusion of the video when all the green objects appear on the screen and the color word GREEN is shown again. Children learn colors by being shown examples of objects that are familiar to them and being instructed on the color name. This video does this simple but effective method of instruction to learn colors and young children will learn color green in a fun and interesting way.

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