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Do you need a video that teaches colors for kids? This fun and educational video teaches the color orange. The video is ideal for use in school classrooms and home classrooms. ESL learners learn from and enjoy the video too.

Learning the names of colors and correctly identifying colors is one of the first academic skills that young preschoolers and kindergarten students learn. When children learn to name colors, they effectively describe objects in their environment. But knowing colors is more than that. When children learn colors, they can compare and contrast things in the child’s environment as well as use color to sort and classify objects.

The orange video from Kid’s Academy is perfect for teaching the color orange. The video is the appropriate length for young learners and simply explains the concept of the color orange. The clip shows our favorite elephant character grabbing his orange cap and a wagon and venturing outside. While outside, the elephant picks a variety of orange fruits and vegetables. Each time the elephant picks an orange fruit or vegetable the viewer hears the word “orange” stated clearly and the color word “orange” is displayed with large letters on the screen.

After viewing the video, extension activities can be completed. Ask your student or child to name other foods that are orange. Look for things that are orange in the classroom or home is a fun activity too. Painting with orange paint of drawing with orange crayons or markers is a fun art enrichment activity. Older students learning to write and spell color words learn how to write the word orange.

Identifying colors for kids is challenging. Children often identify the primary colors red, yellow and blue easily but identifying the orange color is more challenging. Using this video in the school or home classroom as a visual aid assists young children with color mastery and provides fun and entertainment while learning.


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