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Learn Addition and Subtraction with Fun | Math for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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How to Learn Addition and Subtraction for Kids | Math for 1st Grade

There are several methods to teach children to learn addition and subtraction. Planning activities to make it easier for children to learn is one of the best methods.

Making worksheets with colorful drawings and animated figures not only develops their interest but also helps them learn faster. Most of the kids usually think mathematics is boring, which is why you need to try different methods to divert their attention.

Kids love jellies and candies, right? Well, then those can be used to learn fast addition and subtraction.
For a sum 4 + 5 = ——–, give four candies to the child separately and then tell them to count from four onwards until they complete the five remaining. Simple, right?

You can also use an abacus for teaching addition and subtraction. The colorful balls in the abacus make addition and subtraction for kids a lot easier. These methods are easy to follow and help in developing a good mathematical concept.

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