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Jingle Bells Song with Lyrics – Christmas Songs and Carols for Kids | Kids Academy

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Singing Christmas carols is a tradition that many enjoy doing each Christmas. Children especially enjoy singing the songs of the holiday season. One of the first Christmas songs for kids that children learn to sing is the Jingle Bells song. This timeless song has a fun melody and easy lyrics. Children and adults of all ages enjoy singing this holiday tune.

Singing Christmas carols is not only fun but educational as well. When children sing and participate in musical activities the part of the brain that controls language and reasoning activates. Listening skills improve and children express their creativity as well. For young children, there is the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and young learners feel a sense of accomplishment when they learn the Jingle Bells song and can share it with friends and family.

The video opens with the cheerful music of Jingle Bells and children being pulled across the snow-covered scene by a horse and sleigh. The children arrive at the center of their town where there is a Christmas tree. A star magically falls from the sky and lands perfectly on the top of the tree. Snowflakes fall from the sky and turn into decorations for the tree. As the music plays, the lyrics to the song appear at the top of the screen making it easy to read and sing along. Once the tree is decorated, Santa himself flies in the sky over the picturesque Christmas scene. The video captures the magic of the holiday season and delights viewers of all ages.

Teach the Jingle Bells song to your students and children in the school or home classroom with this video. Whether you plan on singing this song in a school program or around the Christmas tree with family, this video enables children to learn the words and melody in a fun and easy way.

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