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Input and Output Tables – Find the Rule | Math for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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Explore input and output tables with this fun video! In this lesson, students watch a fun animation with Teacher Michael as he demonstrates finding a rule of a function with robots and machines. Students determine whether or not input and output tables follow a rule by watching Teacher Michael perform a task with the robot to determine the rule. Each robot has a rule on its body and a set of numbers displayed on two different input and output tables.

Teacher Michael explains that the rule works for only one of the tables and shows the viewer how to determine which table the rule demonstrates. The video includes humor when the robot seems to nearly overheat or explode when the numbers tested do not demonstrate the rule. Teacher Michael clearly defines input as what goes in and output as what comes out using the robots and the machines. He then instructs the students to study the inputs and outputs to figure out the rule. Teacher Michael defines the rule as the code or operation that determines the output. The result is a visual that students doing 1st grade math easily understand. The video demonstrates finding a rule of a function with two different rules: +2 and -4. Teacher Michael also emphasizes testing the rule with more than one input to ensure the rule works for that table.

Understanding input and output tables and finding the rule of a function teaches students math patterns. Students doing 1st grade math can look at inputs and outputs and see that if the output is larger than the input then the rule is an addition rule and if the output is smaller than the input then the rule is a subtraction rule.
Watch your student’s number sense and confidence in math grow with an understanding of inputs and outputs.

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