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Ignite the Sky|How to Remember Things ✨ Miss Persona ✨ FULL EPISODE!

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Auntie Jam-Jam has a new plane and she wants to fly Miss Persona and Brandon to go see Grampy, but Brandon is afraid of flying! Miss Persona becomes a pilot to encourage Brandon to try new things!


Auntie Jam-Jam comes by for a surprise visit but when Miss Persona asks why she came by – Auntie Jam-Jam can’t remember! Miss Persona becomes a detective to help Auntie Jam-Jam retrace her steps.

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About Miss Persona: Meet Miss Persona! She loves solving problems in Fix-it-Up Forest with her cuddly companion Brandon Bear. Miss P loves to dress-up and make believe using her trusty Miss Persona Maker which magically transforms her into anything from a detective to a dentist! Along with her rambunctious Aunty Jam-Jam, sandwich-loving Grampy, and the bumbling Mayor Joe, Miss Persona guides preschoolers through essential life experiences such as how to brush your teeth, retracing your steps to find a lost item, or even solving the mystery of the melted ice cream! While Miss Persona provides extremely important socialization for young children, the information is always presented in a fun, warm, and entertaining fashion. So don’t delay – come by the treehouse to dress up and play the Miss Persona way!

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