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How the Sun affects the Earth | Science videos for kids | Kids Academy

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Our Sun, the most important star in our sky. All living things on the Earth depend on the sun to warm the earth, provide light during the day, and for changing seasons and differing climates around the world. The Earth’s rotation, day and night as well as seasons can be an abstract idea for children, but Kids Academy has created this video to bring these concepts to life for all learners. Children will gain a better understanding of how our Sun and Earth function together and the effects it has on our everyday life as well as long term effects such as seasons.

The earth’s rotation (how it spins), revolution around the sun, and the connection to day/night and seasons are animated and explained in this engaging video. Connections are made between the Earth’s rotation around the Sun and day and night. The tilt of the Earth on its axis affects the angle that its light hits Earth and therefore warms the earth. This means that the tilt of the earth affects climate in different parts of the world. For example, the sun’s light does not ever directly hit the North and South Pole, so these habitats are very cold because they never get enough of the Sun’s energy to warm them up. On the other hand, the equator is right in the middle of the Earth, so it gets a lot of our Sun’s light, and it is always hot there. The Sun impacts our daily lives in many different ways from when we get up and go to sleep, to the holidays we celebrate and activities we partake in.

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