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Get ready for school 2020 with fun and informative videos. These informational videos the question about who is a teacher and show a young child getting ready for school. These videos work well for families with young children starting school and for teachers who are completing a Social Studies unit on community helpers.

In the first video, children meet Amelia, and she is getting ready for school. The video is interactive as the narrator asks children what Amelia needs to find to be prepared for school. Amelia collects her books and pencils and puts them in her backpack. Learning getting ready for school routines is easy with this animated video.

Your learner may have questions about who is a teacher and what teachers do. The second video in this collection carefully defines what a teacher does and where teachers work. Children discover that teachers help children learn to read, write, and do math. Teachers also teach children art, music, and dance as well. The video includes a trivia game in the clip to check students’ understanding.
The remaining videos focus on a primary reading skill and counting activity.
Using the Little Red Riding Hood story, students learn about how words are read on a page in the correct order. The narrator carefully explains that reading begins on the top of a page and words are read from left to right.

Learning continues with a counting video. On the farm, poor momma chicken has lost her five chicks. Children help her find her babies and count each one. Math skills included in this video include counting on and adding one to a number.
Start the school year off right! Learn about getting ready for school, what teachers do, and practice some primary reading and math skills.

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