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Franklin and the Green Knight Special

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Everyone in Woodland is very tired of the winter, and they fear that spring may never arrive. Franklin is particularly excited about the arrival of spring because that is also when his new baby brother or sister will be born. However, Franklin becomes concerned that his mom and dad might not have time for him anymore, and anxious that he will not be a good big brother. In an attempt to prove himself worthy, (and get mom and dad’s attention), he decides that he must bring spring to Woodland. Following the lead of a Myth his mom has told him he assumes the role of a Knight and sets out to the woods on a quest for spring. With squire snail at his side he encounters some wild adventures and an unusual cast of characters. Although he does not find spring, he does find true friendship with Snail, gains confidence that he will be a good big brother, and is assured that his parents will have enough love for both the baby and him. The story culminates with the birth of a new sister ‘Harriet’.

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