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Fractions teach students about wholes and parts and are and essential foundational skill for learning algebra in later years. Fractions are found and used in everyday life when baking, measuring, and when working with tools as well as when telling the time. Unfortunately, students often have difficulty and much frustration when learning fractions.

When teaching fractions for kids, it is best to use objects that students are familiar with. Counters, pictures of objects or even dried pasta or beans are ideal. Cutting a pie into four equal pieces and showing young students what half a pie or three-quarters of a pie actually looks like gives students an effective visual representation of fractions with a familiar object.

Activities that teach fractions for 2nd grade include dividing shapes or objects into equal parts, looking at a picture and identifying the fraction illustrated in the picture, and dividing groups evenly.
The videos created by Kids Academy teach these skills with clear instruction and practice problems that children can complete along with the video teacher. The teacher carefully explains what a numerator and denominator are and shows examples of how to solve each problem. Learners benefit from the teacher’s examples and drawings on the whiteboard.

Fractions for third grade are more complex and the videos from Kids Academy instruct students on comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions. Students view pictures of common objects and foods and decide which picture and food is greater than, less than or equal to the other. Finding equivalent fractions may seem difficult, but the video teacher uses fractions on a number line and learning this skill is easy!

Fractions for kids doesn’t have to be frustrating or difficult. The videos from Kids Academy clear up confusion and are great resources for teachers in the classroom and for parents too!

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