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Fact Family Triangles – Addition and Subtraction Cartoon | Math for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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Fact Family Triangles – Math for 1st Grade – Kids Academy

Math for 1st grade is an exciting time for young learners. Students move towards learning more complex math concepts in addition and subtraction problems. Fact families are taught in 1st grade and children can quickly learn the relationship between addition and subtraction. A fact family consists of three numbers. Four math facts are made with the three numbers. Students quickly discover the commutative property of addition and it’s inverse property of subtraction. Once a student understands the fact family’s addition and subtraction, he or she now solve addition and subtraction problems more easily and develop a stronger sense of number relationships.
This video teaches fact families for 1st grade in a fun and easy way with the concept illustrated and explained simply so that young learners can understand. In the video, we see an arctic, snowy scene with dog sled dogs and a man dressed in a warm coat. The video uses the arctic theme to demonstrate fact families. The character of the man shows the relationship between numbers adding up to less than 10, using visuals such as ropes for the dogs, fish snacks for the dogs and seals. For example, the video pictures a group of 2 seals and a group of 6 seals. The fact family made with these numbers is:





Along with the picture visuals, fact family triangles show the numbers in the fact family.

When teaching math for 1st grade, it is helpful to teach the concepts in different ways. Students benefit from direct instruction but also from video instruction. This video assists the parent or teacher in teaching fact families for 1st grade. Students quickly learn the relationship between addition and subtraction and become more proficient in their computations.

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