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Expanded Chess Notation | Learn to Play Chess | Moves and Captures | Kids Academy

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Learn to Play Chess – Expanded Chess Notation | Moves and Captures | Kids Academy

One should always learn to play chess to improve their tactical and logical thinking. It sharpens your mind, and it puts your analytical skills to the test. Of course, playing chess is a complicated matter, and it should be played by a trained and witty player but, one can always learn to play chess along with expanded chess notion to improve their insight on the game.

Anyone can play chess—it is not an age inclusive game and any adult or kid can learn how to excel at a game like chess. We help you learn to play chess for kids. Our lessons allow a student to learn the moves and captures associated with the game. We make learning chess a fun process, and we make sure that the game is understood by all student.

Once you have grasped the main concept of the game, you will find yourself playing the game smoothly, and you can always impress other people with your moves and captures at the chess game.

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