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Equal Parts | Math Lessons for 2nd Grade | Kids Academy

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Equal Parts | Math Lessons for 2nd Grade | Kids Academy

If your child is in the 2nd grade and if it’s time for him to learn about equal parts then you are at the right place. You see, if we talk about adults, it’s a piece of cake to tell if two parts are equal or not but when it comes to children, you need to do every possible thing you can to make maths interesting for them.

You can’t just go to your kid and define him what equal parts are. In fact, you need to show him what equal parts are and how to differentiate between equal parts and unequal parts.

Now, there are no doubt a lot of ways you can make this lesson interesting for your little one. You can use visuals to teach him about equal parts, you can use a worksheet to practice and feed in his brain about equal parts or you can just show him a video on Youtube where someone is teaching about equal parts using different characters and shapes, etc.

The point is that this is the digital world, we are living in and it’s good to use platforms like Youtube, etc to teach your kid some Math lessons. The best way to teach children about equal parts is to use a square piece of paper and cut it into two equal halves. Take another piece of paper and cut that one into two unequal parts.

Now, show the child both of the papers and tell him that the one that is equal in shape, size and the one that is taking equal space is called the known as the equal part and the other one that’s not taking equal space and is a little different in shape in size, is referred to as the unequal part.

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