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English Alphabet for Kids | Letter O | Kids Academy

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English Alphabet for Kids | Letter O | Kids Academy

If your child is now old enough to start learning alphabets and if you want to make this daunting process easier for yourself then yes, you are on the right page at the moment. You see, telling your children about alphabets and explaining them the sound and the use of the alphabets is quite a difficult task and honestly, mere textbooks won’t work.

What you need to do is to make the learning process a little more fun for your child so that he can actively participate in it and learn quickly.

For example, when it comes to the word “O” what you can do is that you can cut the letter “O” on a card paper (make sure that it’s big enough that it can fit your head), you then can wear the letter “O” on your head and play a game with your child like ‘hey! I am Mr. O”.

There’s just so much more you can do to teach your child different alphabets. The best way is to get a book of the letter “O” and the words that start with “O”. Your little one should know how the letters look like but most importantly, he should know how it sounds.

Now, as far as the sound of the letter “o” is concerned, well, you obviously need to use your vocals for that and if you want to learn the process to be even quicker then just simply head to Youtube and search for different lessons on the letter “O”.

The visuals will attract your child so he will automatically listen to what’s being said in the video and well, these online teachers are professional people so they know how to attract a child and make him learn something.

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