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Ending Punctuation, Question & Quotation Marks | Grammar for 2nd and 3rd Grade | Kids Academy

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Punctuation for kids does not have to be difficult or boring. The instructional videos from Kids Academy provide teachers with great resources to teach or supplement lessons in grammar classes.

Grammar for kids in primary grade levels includes identifying and using correct ending punctation when writing. One animated video shows a birthday party thank you card. The student sees each sentence on the thank you card and sees the correct punctuation. The video shows and explains when a period, question mark and exclamation mark correctly used. Another video is a fun game where students guess the punctuation for each sentence shown on the screen. Again, students review ending punctuation rules and how to identify a question sentence.

A tricky punctuation rule to learn for 2nd and 3rd grade level students is how to punctuate question and quotation marks. The video teacher works with a fun worksheet. The teacher reviews the rules of question and quotation marks with pirate themed sentences. If the words in the quotes are a question, then the question mark sits within the quotation marks in the sentence. If the sentence is a question, but the words within the quotes don’t make a question, then the question mark sits outside the quotation marks.

Students practice correctly placing commas in dates that are within a sentence with a fun July 4th themed worksheet. The video teacher explains the rules for placing the commas carefully before beginning the worksheet. A comma separates the day and the year, and then a comma goes after the year if the year is at the beginning or middle of a sentence. Students read sentences with dates and choose the sentence that is punctuated correctly. The teacher provides explanations and support on each pair of practice sentences.

Have more fun in grammar classes with these resources from Kids Academy!

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