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Easy Science Experiments for Preschool & Kindergarten with Sound | Kids Academy

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Because young children have an interest about the world around them and want to know how things work, science is a subject that is captivating for young students in Preschool and Kindergarten. Here at Kid’s Academy, we explain the concepts of sound and light clearly and easily and students can’t help but want to learn more! In the videos, teacher Andrew and the fun cartoon character, Ball-y, explain these concepts with light and sound experiments for Kindergarten and 1st grade.

This series of videos teaches students what sound and light are as well how sound and light are made. In addition to teaching that sound and light are energy, there are experiments for kids that the videos demonstrate for the children to see and do on their own. Students may not understand how sound waves travel. The videos show sound wave experiments to explain this concept. Pluck a guitar string and see the vibrations, or watch how rice on a baking sheet vibrates when held over a speaker playing loud music. Other sound experiments for students include listening to sounds and trying to guess what makes the sound.

Students also learn how we use sound and light to communicate. When discussing light, students learn that traffic lights, lighthouses, and lights on radios, phones and appliances all tell us something. Sounds communicate to us too. Doorbells, sirens, school bells and whistles use sound to convey a message. Do sound experiments for kids and brainstorm other ways that light and sound communicate to us! Or, think of new ways that sound and light can be used.
Kid’s Academy includes a review video that teachers use to summarize the concepts in this lesson series. The review video defines light and sound again, shows how light and sound travel to our eyes and ears and then to our brain, and gives examples of light and sound.

When incorporating these science videos into your classroom, the concepts of sound and light are clearly explained. The videos show experiments for kids that encourage and engage students to learn and explore their world!

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