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Doctor Checkup for Kids – Types of Doctors – Social Studies | Kids Academy

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Doctor Checkup for Kids – Types of Doctors – Social Studies | Kids Academy

It’s Kids Academy, and welcome back to our channel! Learning about doctors for kids is not only an educational social studies activity, but it is also a way that parents can teach children about who a doctor is and what a doctor does. Instruction and preparation go a long way in calming any fears that young children may have about going to get a child check-up.

Children are less afraid of a medical situation if they learn about what happens at a doctor’s visit and the importance of doctors.
The video begins with a colorful introduction that shows the hospital scene.

The viewer hears the voiceover say, “Let’s go visit the doctor.” Children then see what a doctor’s office looks like and what happens in the office during a child checkup. First, the doctor will ask you how you feel and the checkup begins. The video mentions that the doctor checks not only if you are feeling well, or if you are sick but also if you are growing well.

Children learn what a stethoscope is and how it checks your heart and lungs. Also, children learn that a nurse often helps the doctor during the check-up and asks questions that the doctor needs to know. The video explains to children that there are many different kinds of doctors and details about what an optometrist does. Billy, a young boy in the video gets some cool green glasses and describes his experience positively.

The video also carefully explains the difference between a doctor and a veterinarian.
This video is a valuable teaching tool for parents teaching their children about doctors and for teachers teaching social studies to young students. This material would work well as an introduction activity, enrichment activity and as a fun supplemental activity for teachers in the classroom and homeschooling families as well.

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