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Dinosaur Hide & Seek | Morphle the Magical Red Pet | Fun Cartoons for Kids

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Enjoy this special My Magic Pet Morphle cartoon, ‘Dinosaur Hide & Seek’. A casual game of hide and seek around town turns into a chase when Mila has to stop Winston from stealing the keys to the Magic Pet Center!

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Welcome to Mila’s Magic world! Mila’s dad runs the only magic pet store in the city – a fantastical place where you can find all sorts of cute and quirky pets who each have their own unique magic powers, and he has gifted Mila the most magic pet of all, Morphle. Morphle is an energetic little red creature who can morph into anything: a sweet puppy, a giant truck, a cool dinosaur or anything that Mila’s playful mind can imagine.

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Mila and Morphle work together to help others and protect their City from the misbehaving Bandits and mischievous Orphle. Through courage, imagination and most of all, teamwork, they are able to solve any problem and save the day.

Loved by kids aged 3 to 6, and available in 12 languages, “My Magic Pet Morphle” teaches fundamental, fun lessons about friendship, problem-solving and creativity.

0:00 Dinosaur Hide & Seek
3:16 Ice Cream Thief
6:34 Frozen Morphle
9:44 The ‘Be Quiet’ Game
12:43 Morphle Family Hide And Seek
15:56 Morphle & Orphle Epic Tag
18:58 Morphing Family
22:12 Morphle Is Lost
25:16 Big Red Truck
28:08 Morphle The Ghost
31:18 Bubble Adventure
34:14 The Orphle Bandits
37:29 Mila The Baby
40:32 Muddy Morphle Takes A Bath
43:38 Animal Hypno Mixup
46:49 The Shooting Star Wish Race
49:52 Magic Letters
53:01 Morphle Is A Shark
56:21 Morphle Gets Slimed
59:25 Magic Mirror
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Music by Graham Slack
Sound Design by

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