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Counting with Tally Marks and Tally Charts | Math for Kindergarten & 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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Counting with Tally Marks and Tally Charts | Kids Academy

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Here we are presenting you with a fantastic Zoo Tally Chart under the system called Tally Marks. The primary purpose of tally marks is that it can help us organizing the data, objects, and information. This information can be in the form of numbers, people, or alphabetic, etc. It is a great option to perform the counting task of grade 1 kids.

By using Zoo Tally Chart, you can collect information about animals. For example, if you have ten animals, you can either simply write it “Ten” or you can also write it by using some tally marks. Tally marks are in the shape of lines that make you learn about how many animals are present in your list. Tally marks are symbolized as “IIIIII.” which is the actual method of using the tally marks.

If your digit of the object is 11, then the tally marks will be written as “IIIIIIIII.” This makes a total of 11. The line in the middle of the four tally marks as the crossing line will be tally mark number 5.
For example, if your zoo tally charts have 12 elephants, then tally marks will be written as “IIIIIIIIII.” This makes a total of 12.
Isn’t it simple to do? Perform it now and allow your kids to learn something interesting!

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