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Comparing Lengths of Objects | Math for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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Teaching measurement and comparing lengths has many benefits. Young children that have a good understanding of measurement have the skills to compare attributes of objects and classify things in their environments in different ways. Measurement links math to their everyday lives, other school subjects, and increases understanding of number concepts and spatial skills.
At Kid’s Academy, measurement and comparing lengths are explained and taught clearly and concisely with video lessons and worksheet activities.

The video lessons include instruction on comparing lengths and height of objects. Students learn how to classify objects as tallest, shortest, or longer and shorter. Students use higher order thinking skills to answer questions such as: what is the second shortest object or what object is shorter than the giraffe but taller than the tiger? The recorded lessons about comparing lengths for kids include answering questions such as finding the correct illustration with clues such as: Emma is shorter that Jenny, Jenny is shorter than Sarah. The video teachers define measurement terms and show students how to think through the more difficult questions with illustrations and examples on the teacher whiteboard.

Often in life, measuring without a ruler or other tool is required. Students, using these video lessons have the opportunity to measure items using non-standard units as well as measuring using an inch ruler. Comparing non-standard units to standard measurement tools allows students to connect measurement to their world.

Think of activities that go beyond the video lessons. Comparing length for kids is more fun when learning is extended. Compare the heights of children in the home or classroom. In the classroom, who has the longest pencil as compared to the teacher’s pencil? Ask the students if it is better to measure the length of a book with paper clips or a broomstick. Go outside and measure the length of the playground with a yardstick and a ruler. Have fun with this math skill!

The video illustrations are colorful, engaging and relevant for school and home classes that are comparing lengths for 1st grade. Teachers and parents using these resources from Kids Academy find the videos ideal for teaching, re-teaching, practice and enrichment.

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