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Compare Numbers – Greater Than Less Than | Math for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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Children working on primary level math skills begin to explore number concepts with larger numbers. Place value teaches students what a number means or it’s value. Students working beyond place value begin comparing numbers. Determining numbers that are greater than, less than and equal to other numbers develops a greater understanding of number sense and logical thinking. Using familiar tools such as number lines and base blocks make comparing numbers easier.

Kids Academy’s resources for comparing numbers for 1st grade include fun animated videos and teacher led exercises. Students watch a fun video with a race track theme and compare the numbers on the driver’s helmets and cars. The video breaks down each number using base blocks and clarifies the meanings of the greater than, less than and equal symbols used for the problems.
Video teachers using base ten blocks instruct students on the value of a single cube which is one, and the value of a long which is ten. The teacher reminds students to look at the number on the left (in the tens place) first to begin the comparison. The students see easily that the number 46 is made with 4 longs and 6 cubes. Students choose which two number comparisons have the correct greater than, less than or equal to sign.

A fun maze activity is included and the teacher uses a number line to show numbers that are greater than or less than the number given for the task of solving the maze. The teacher instructs students that numbers on the right of the target number are greater and those on the left are less. Students begin drawing a line through the maze and only pass through the numbers less than 57!

Save these video activities for your 1st grade level students. Comparing numbers is fun and easy with the Kids Academy resources for teaching, reteaching and enrichment!

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