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It’s Kids Academy, and welcome back to our channel! Learning about community helpers is a great way to engage kids when it comes to learning about their community. For preschoolers and kindergarteners, it’s important that they learn who community helpers are, and what roles they play in their lives. Without exposure, they may have a hard time learning how community helpers can make a difference, and which community helper to turn to when they need help.

This engaging video from Kids Academy lets your preschooler or kindergartener learn about community helpers by asking questions like, “Who are community helpers?” and “What do community helpers do?’

They’ll learn how community helpers keep kids and families safe, and how they perform different jobs in our community that make our lives better. With easy-to-read words and animations, your child will see what community helpers do. Your child can interact by answering fun trivia questions about the roles community helpers have and what tools they use to help them in the community and neighborhoods.

They’ll learn about ways doctors, teachers, police officers, bus drivers and other community helpers and they’ll learn about tools each community helper may use. The fun songs and catchy phrases will reinforce concepts. Teachers looking to meet community helpers preschool or community helpers kindergarten goals also find it’s a great way to help them cement the information they’re teaching. Kids take the information and apply it in their own worlds as they watch examples of various community helpers for kids.

Kids learn best when the information presented is clear, colorful and engaging and this video about community helpers for kids will not only teach them about the people who are community helpers in their own neighborhoods, but in the world in general.

Welcome our new video Community Helpers for Preschool and Kindergarten | Jobs & Occupations

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