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Chess for Kids | Power and Value of Pieces | Kids Academy

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Chess for Kids | Power, and Value of Pieces | Kids Academy

Chess is one of those games which help in increasing your child’s concentration. The most important thing which a child needs to know is the power and values of pieces. Here is a simple way to learn how to play chess in 10 minutes. Since every part has its strength and value, therefore, these are the things which need to be determined first. So, let’s begin!!!

Starting from the king; it is the most critical piece, and the opponents need to protect it to win the game. The weakest one in the game is Pawn which can attack two squares diagonally forward which makes it worth one point. Other than this is the knight who can attack eight squares in each direction and has more value than the pawn. The bishop has even more powerful and can attack thirteen squares at a time. These are also the fast pieces and can move diagonally.

Moreover, there is a wall which can move 14 squares in any direction and tends to have more power and value than the knight and bishop.

Last but not least is the queen who is the strongest and can act like a bishop and a wall. In simple words, the queen holds the most power. Simple, isn’t it? If you want to learn more about chess make sure you practice and watch chess tutorials too!!!

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