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Capital Letters for Kids | English Grammar for Kindergarten & 1st Grade | English Writing and Reading for Kids

Learning alphabets can be a challenge for kids at times. Since every letter or alphabet Is different from the other. It is pronounced, written and read differently, therefore, children often confuse themselves. Another thing which is often difficult for the children to learn is the capital letters in English alphabets and where to use them.

Well, if your kid is having issues as well the. Here are some things he needs to know to figure out when to use the capital letters and when to use the small ones. Okay, so the very first thing a child needs to know is that the first letter of every proper noun is always capital. Now what is a proper noun, one may ask. A proper noun is the name of a place, girl, boy, food, etc. In short, anything which has a specific name is a proper noun. So، make sure that whenever you write a proper noun write it in capital letter. For example, New York, December, Lily, etc.

Other than this, whenever you complete a sentence and put a full stop in the end, the first letter of the first word in the sentence is always capital. These are a few things kids need to know about when to use capital letters in English. For more information stay connected.

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