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ABC Letters for Kids | Full English Alphabet for Preschool & Kindergarten – Kids Academy

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ABC letters for Kids | English Alphabet for Preschool & Kindergarten

Learn alphabet letters easily with this fun and instructional video from Kid’s Academy. The alphabet is the foundation for learning to read. Young learners at preschool and kindergarten learn to identify letters and the letter sounds. With this knowledge students understand that letters together with their sounds form words and students are on their way to learning to read. Mastering the English alphabet for kids is a huge task. Identifying all 26 letters and their sounds is simple with fun visuals!

The video opens with an introduction to the letter and the letter sound. The student sees the capital letter clearly and then the letter is drawn. The voiceover instructs the viewer on the name of the letter and then what sound the letter makes. The voiceover instructs the students to say the letter sounds themselves. If the letter is a vowel, then the student hears both the long sound and short sound and the video asks the student to repeat the sounds.

The video then moves on to give the student three examples of words that have the featured letter in the initial position. The student hears the initial sound enunciated clearly and the video encourages the student to say the word and sound together. The word examples are familiar words that students can remember easily when associating the letter and it’s sound to each word.
Learning the English alphabet for kids is sometimes a challenging task. Making reading instruction fun ensures that young students stay engaged and are not overwhelmed when trying to learn alphabet letters and sounds. Videos provide another option to enhance or enrich the teaching and learning experience. With this video, the student learns the name of the letter, the letter’s sound and three familiar words with that begin with the letter. After viewing, students are on their way to reading success!

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