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5 Regions of the United States | US Geography for Kids | Kids Academy

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Teach US Geography for kids with instructional videos from Kids Academy.
These standards-based clips include practice identifying the 5 five regions of the United States and locating cities and states. Included are Informational videos that show children things to do and see when visiting Washington DC and National Parks too!

The US region’s geography lesson shows students a colorful US map with each area clearly defined. Students then look at a state and choose its correct region. Extend the learning by choosing more states and finding the regions in which they are located.

Another engaging activity is finding cities and states within the US. In this activity clip, students learn that within each state, there are cities. To complete the task, children read a city name and then find the city’s state. A picture clue that represents that state is provided. For example, a cowboy hat is the picture clue to find the state that has the city of Dallas. The picture clue for the city and state of New York is the Statue of Liberty. Children view images and videos from each state. After, a review activity checks students’ knowledge of the topic.

Continue the learning fun with a trip to Washington DC. In this animated clip, two children travel to the US capital. They visit and share facts about famous landmarks and memorials. Students learn that the President resides and works in the White House and that the nation’s leaders meet and work in the Capitol building. The video highlights fun places to see in Washington DC, such as the National Zoo and the numerous museums too.

This US Regions and Geography collection concludes with a video on National Parks. Facts and information about Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, and Biscayne National Parks are featured.
Use these clips in the classroom, the home school, or for fun and enrichment.

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