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4th Of July For Kids – Independence Day | Story with Interesting Facts for Children | Kids Academy

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4th Of July For Kids – Independence Day – Story for Kids | Interesting Facts | Kids Academy

Independence Day is celebrated on the anniversary of national independence. It is the day when a nation was declared as a free nation and got its own rights to make laws of their own state.

There are many countries in this world that were once a part of some other monarchy or a bigger power. But after fighting for independence they got their own national identity and emerged on the world map as a separate independent nation.

It is important for kids to learn what is Independence Day and the Independence Day history of their own country. Every country has its own story of how they got their independence and becomes a part of the nation’s history.

For example, America got its independence from Great Britain on the 4th of July 1776. Since then the day is celebrated as the anniversary of America’s independence.

Similarly, the partition of subcontinent gave birth to two independent countries, India and Pakistan who got their independence from the British.

There are many other examples of Independence Day, every kid must know about their own country’s independence history.

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